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Post: # 251Post Frank G
Sat Sep 07, 2019 10:25 pm

We don't normally think of cowbells when we think of music but believe it or not apart from keeping track of cows the humble cowbell has found it's way into popular music.It can be found in classical music notably Richard strauss's alpine symphony.they can be tuned differently.Being a a percussion instrument they can be part of a drummers kit.So where may you have heard the fifties and early sixties in such songs as suzie q by dale Hawkins and buddy Knox's somebody touched me.if you watch a youtube clip of hello mary lou by rick nelson you will see the drummer start the song by hitting the cowbell.two notable instrumentals used cowbells grazing in the grass by hugh masekela and soul limbo by booker t & m.g.'s.notable sixties songs with cowbells have included down on the corner by ccr ,concrete and clayf bu unit 4,2, for your love by the yardbirds and lay lady lay by bob can hear a lot of cowbells in santana's music including oye como va and evil ways as a couple of examples.soul and disco has used cowbells to good andrea moore says about cowbells more more can't have enough course the beatles especially you can't do that which features paul mcartney playing a cowbell.anything the beatles could do so could the stones as in honky tonk women.cowbells were heard in some major seventies hits as on Wednesday 11th of September I will feature cowbells between 4-5pm om Kalamunda fm.and as a treat you will hear a song with cowbells but some ooga chakas to boot.

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Re: Cowbells

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Sat Oct 05, 2019 1:25 pm

This is an interesting topic. Some specialist vocal group collectors in the states limited their libaries to 45rpm recordings of songs enhanced by bells or lyrical content that referred to bells ("Whispering Bells", "Bells Bells Bells" etc.). How about someone compile a listing?

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